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Towards A Post-Antibiotic Era: AMR and the State of Global Health Policy
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HHPR Talk: Revisiting the Ban on Federal Funding for Syringe Exchange Programs
How Excise Taxes Can Reduce Obesity
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HHPR Talk: Pay-for-Delay: A Costly Practice in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Online Features: UN Inaction and Rape as a Weapon of War in Syria
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HHPR Talk: The Francis Report: Why the World Should Listen
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Health Policy in Crisis

What We Do?

The Harvard Health Policy Review is dedicated to broadening awareness of health policy issues. We aim to educate the Harvard community about health care policy and to stimulate thinking among our outside readership about the pressing health care questions facing the nation and the world.

The semi-annual journal strives to publish high-quality articles covering the entire spectrum of health policy issues and is designed to appeal to audiences with different degrees of familiarity with the subjects of health care and health policy.

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Subject of the Issue
2000FallElection 2000
2001SpringHealth Care for the Elderly
FallViolence and Public Health
2002SpringClinical Research
2003FallNutrition, Public Health, and the Obesity Epidemic
2004FallHIV/AIDS Policy Concerns
2005SpringContraception and Controversy
FallMental Health Across Cultures
2006SpringThe Changing Face of Nursery and Pharmacy
FallMotives and Means for Promoting Prevention Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
2007SpringWhat's Right in Research
FallThe Equity of Care Part 1 | Part 2
2008SpringHealthcare Reform
2009SpringAt the Intersection of Health and Education Part 1 | Part 2
FallHow Technology is Changing Health
2010SpringBusiness and Health
Fall Health Disparities Part 1 | Part 2
2011AnnualBioethics Part 1 | Part 2
2012Spring Student Mental Health Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
2012FallAssessing the Affordable Care Act
2014SpringHealth Policy in Crisis