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We welcome unsolicited manuscript submissions on matters of health policy from a range of concerned professionals. Our authors range from academics to practicing clinicians, and we value their diverse contributions to the health policy debates we stimulate. Click here to learn more about our past contributors.Chances for inclusion are best when the submitted manuscript…

…Contributes to the general topic of our upcoming issue .
…Offers a compelling argument rather than mere description.
…Presents and analyzes a significant body of evidence.
…Draws on the particular experiences and expertise of its author(s).
…Expresses ideas through clear language and coherent structure.
…Is accessible to the general reader.

If you are interested in writing for the Harvard Health Policy Review , first consult the topic of our upcoming issue and contact for information about print and online submissions. If you are interested in writing on this topic or have another topic to propose, please consult with a member of our staff. Once a staff member has approved your proposed topic, please review our author guidelines in preparing your manuscript. Finally, submit your manuscript to your corresponding editor by our upcoming issue’s deadline.


Author Guidelines

General Stylistic Notes

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