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All Hat, No Cattle—The False Hope of Right-to-Try Laws

Alison Bateman-House Arthur L Caplan Division of Medical Ethics NYU Langone Medical Center Are right-to-try laws a good idea? In 2014, they began appearing throughout the United States, first in Colorado and now in 23 states, with several more considering passing versions of this popular legislation. At first glance these bills may seem worth enacting. […]

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Exploring one LGBT organization’s impact on those living with HIV/AIDS in Austin, Texas

Authors: David M. Brown, JD; Christina Lively, M.Ed; Mary-Jo DelVecchio Good, PhD Acknowledgements: The article is based on a paper written for “Economics 2395 – Health and Social Justice: Reshaping the Delivery of Health”, a Harvard course taught by Paul Farmer and Amartya Sen. MMSc-GHD Program Director Joia Mukherjee suggested exploring ALLGO through the lens […]


Transforming the American Diet – Necessity and Challenges

It is common knowledge that obesity and poor diet are rising trends in the United States and are leading to increased disease and higher health care costs. To reverse those trends, Americans must reduce intake of processed foods and adopt a more plant-based diet. Educational and regulatory steps are needed to improve the American diet […]


Proper Knowledge about HIV/AIDS Vaccine in Establishing Public Trust for Future Vaccination Programs

Lessons learned from past HIV vaccine trials and recent technological as well as scientific advancements in the fields of HIV biology, immunology, and vaccinology allow us to conceive of a forthcoming effective HIV vaccine. Nevertheless, persisting “non-vaccine challenges” demand continued global attention in other areas, such as healthcare policy, reproductive health and HIV education programs […]

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Dr. Ana Langer: Improving Maternal Healthcare, Sustainable Development, and the Future of Mobile Health

HHPR’s Hanna Amanuel had the privilege to interview Dr. Ana Langer of the Harvard School of Public and the Women and Health Initiative. Apart of the interview, we had the opportunity to learn the research that the Maternal Health Task Force is engaged in and how maternal healthcare can be developed and improved.

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Interviewing Aaron P. Mauck: The Policy of Ebola, Biomarkers, and Medical Narratives

HHPR editor, Shayla Partridge, had the opportunity to interview Aaron Pascal Mauck, a brilliant Historian of Medicine and currently a lecturer in the Departments of Social Studies and the History of Science at Harvard College. Dr. Mauck wrote his PhD dissertation on the history of diabetes management in the United States and his most recent […]

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Healthcare in the Remote Developing World: Why healthcare is inaccessible and strategies towards improving current healthcare models

Abstract In 2008, the World Health Organization (WHO) celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Alma-Ata Declaration. The declaration called for the “the attainment by all peoples of the world by the year 2000 of a level of health that will permit them to lead a socially and economically productive life.” In other words, the WHO […]

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US Healthcare Expenditure, Physician Distribution, and Quality of Care

Introduction The US spends an extraordinary amount on healthcare, both in proportion to the national GDP and relative to other economically comparable nations. Healthcare spending currently amounts to one-sixth of the national GDP,1 threatening resource allocation to other government-initiated public programs. In contrast to comparable European nations, the US spends almost 50% more of its […]

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The Cancer Genome Atlas: Moving Forward

The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) began in 2006, envisioned as the next frontier in the “War on Cancer”.1 Newly armed with the foundational framework of the Human Genome Project,2 the scientific community saw great promise in deeply analyzing the underlying genomic abnormalities of cancer. Though the project had its skeptics, its reductionist logic was immensely […]

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California: Combating Aquifer Contamination in the Midst of Drought

California has been suffering through a state of drought for at least 3 years. Recently, the conditions have worsened, and with all of California presently in some sort of drought, the Governor has declared a state of emergency. This not only affects California, but the rest of the world,