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During late 1999 and early 2000, the undergraduate members of HHPS identified a need to reach out to an audience broader than those Harvard students already interested in health policy. The idea was to reach all members of the Harvard community and to introduce them to the complexities of health policy. It was also thought that members of the public sector, private sector, and academia could benefit from well-written, informative discussions of subjects whose treatment is too often opaque or colored by political agendas.

It was in this spirit that the idea was born to publish a journal that would go far beyond the classroom to promote the discussion of current issues and trends relating to health policy.


The Harvard Health Policy Review is dedicated to broadening awareness of health policy issues. We aim to educate the Harvard community about health care policy and to stimulate thinking among our outside readership about the pressing health care questions facing the nation and the world.

The semi-annual journal strives to publish high-quality articles covering the entire spectrum of health policy issues and is designed to appeal to audiences with different degrees of familiarity with the subjects of health care and health policy.

The HHPR is published by the Harvard Health Policy Society (HHPS), an organization of Harvard undergraduates whose main purpose is to encourage discussion of health policy issues on the Harvard campus. The HHPR is supported by the University-wide Interfaculty Initiative in Health Policy and is advised by a Board of Advisors comprised of professors in the fields of Medicine, Economics and Government.

The Harvard Health Policy Review has two main goals:

    1.) To educate its readers about the problems facing our health care system
    2.) To foster interest in the subject of health policy.


Just as health care is a multi-disciplinary subject, the HHPR strives to include articles from all academic fields. In addition, HHPR seeks to attract submissions from three main sources: (1) students, (2) faculty, and (3) other recognized experts.

By publishing articles from a variety of sources, the HHPR endeavors to provide its readership with a number of different perspectives on the multi-faceted subject of health care. Giving readers a variety of points of view will offer them the opportunity to form an informed opinion on their own.

Furthermore, the subject matter of the HHPR is just as diverse as its sources. The HHPR is not meant to be solely a “learned journal;” nor is it meant to be a newsletter. It combines reviews of current trends and initiatives in health policy with full-length academic articles and analyses of the U.S. healthcare system.

The content of the HHPR is divided into three different sections, as follows:

    Features – Each issue of the HHPR has a theme, and the Features section has articles discussing the theme by faculty and recognized experts
    In Focus – This section includes pieces from undergraduate and graduate students primarily on the issue theme.
    Health Highlights – This section includes articles relating to other relevant topics as well as interviews with key figures in health policy

These three sections provide the backbone of HHPR and serve to balance one another so that the resulting publication offers original, focused analysis without losing relevance to current events. In addition, in future issues, the HHPR plans to include an international health section that will provide a global perspective on health.


The Harvard Health Policy Review aims to appeal to anyone with at least a passing interest in one or more facets of health policy. The HHPR should be highly informative for those who study the subject of health policy in depth or who plan to pursue careers in the health care field. At the same, we strive to make the publication widely accessible. The content of the HHPR assumes no previous experience or knowledge of the relevant issues.

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